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What to Wear for Senior Photos – St. Louis Portrait Photography

What to Wear for Senior Photos – St. Louis Portrait PhotographyChoosing what to wear for senior photos so you can look your best can feel like a big task. These portraits are a wonderful opportunity to capture memories and save them for the future, and your outfit is a key part of the experience.

Here are some senior photo outfit ideas for guys and girls.

1. A Favorite Casual Look

When it comes to having special photos taken, your mind might jump straight to fancy dresses or slacks. Actually, it can be nice to capture a "regular" look, too.

High school is a unique time in your life, and it can be fun to look back and remember who you were when you were in your teens.

Pick an everyday outfit that you feel comfortable in for some of your photos. This might be your favorite shirt and trusty jeans or a light sundress.

2. Something That Shows Your Personality

If having portraits taken sounds like a stuffy affair, think again. There are tons of ways to have fun with your photos and show off your personality and interests.

Sports uniforms and dance costumes are classic examples.

But if you're not into organized activities, there are still plenty of ways to get creative. Maybe you play an instrument and want to include it in some shots. You could showcase a favorite piece from art class, awards for debate or other academic competitions, and more.

If senior portrait props aren't your thing, you could also consider having your photos taken at a location that means a lot to you.

3. The Full Formal Look

Finally, it's time to get all dressed up and take some formal shots. You only have professional portraits done so many times in your life—might as well take advantage of the opportunity!

Some schools may provide guidelines on what to wear for these photos. If not, here are some formal senior photos outfit ideas:

  • For guys, a more formal look doesn't have to be a full suit. A nice button up or classy sweater works great, with or without a jacket. Slacks and dress shoes are a must.

  • Girls can go for a simple cocktail dress or dress pants with a blouse, cardigan, or blazer. Nice rompers or jumpsuits are also appropriate. Don't forget a pair of heels or dressy flats.

Feeling more confident about choosing outfits for your senior pictures? If you haven't booked your photoshoot yet, make sure to get in touch with us to schedule your session! Call or text us at 636-352-9683


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