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8 Props to Bring to Your Senior Portrait Session - St Charles Photo Studio

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Your high school graduation is a huge milestone in your life—one that deserves to be captured with professional portraits. Props are a perfect way to help your personality shine through your senior photos, a chance to show the world who you are and what you’ve accomplished.

There are tons of props you can bring to your senior portrait session, but here are a few of our favorites!

Varsity jacket and equipment

If you play a high school sport, bring along your varsity jacket or uniform and any of the equipment you use for your portrait session. These props are a great way to express what mattered to you in high school and how hard you worked at your athletic career. Even if you don't have a jacket I recommend bringing your varsity letters, you worked hard for them and they should be celebrated.

Musical instrument

Maybe your interests are more musical in nature. Why not take a few photos with the instrument you play? These images always turn out beautifully and are a great reminder of your skill and all you’ve learned as a musician. At Monochrome Photo Studios we are skilled with using different colored light, water and smoke to make your instruments look amazing.

Books or other academic materials

Are you a straight-A student or do you love to read? Bring along some of your study materials to show off your academic side. Or, if you love to read, include a few of your favorite books as props in your photos.

Four-legged friends

Whether you love dogs, horses or some other animal there are a variety of ways to include your pet in your senior portraits. Let us know before you book your session and we can incorporate your favorite animal friend into your session.

Sentimental items

Do you have a family heirloom or item that is personally important to you? You can include these sentimental pieces in your senior portraits to show off what matters most to you and make your senior photos even more special.


Hats, scarves, jackets, ties and other accessories are a great way to add variety to your photos, allowing you to get multiple looks without having to change clothes. Show off your personality with a favorite accessory—maybe even one featuring your school mascot or colors!

Your vehicle

Do you love your car? Why not include it in your senior portraits? There are plenty of ways to incorporate your vehicle into your photos using different locations, did someone say rooftop garage, to smoke and lights. At Monochrome Photo Studios we understand how important your car is and we will showcase that for you.

Higher Education and career

If you already know which college you are going to bring swag to your photo session. We want to celebrate your next steps. Or, if you know that you are going to trade school let's show off the tools of your future trade. Whatever your future dreams are Monochrome Photo Studios wants to capture the moment!

Are you ready to book your SeniorPortrait session? Now booking Class of 2023!


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