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Can Headshots Be Black and White?

Black and white headshots can look classy, but are they appropriate when you're job hunting or networking?

Your professional headshots are key to presenting yourself to experts and employers in your industry. When choosing headshots to add to your resume or social media, it's important to consider every aspect of your images, from the lighting and backdrop to your clothing and even the photo editing.

Can Headshots Be Black and White?

The short answer to this question is yes, black and white headshots can be acceptable. However, it's not always recommended to use a black and white shot as your primary photo.

Let's take a look at some of the do's and don'ts of black and white headshot photography.

When to Use a Black and White Headshot

Black and white headshots can look super artistic and creative when used correctly. Corporate websites also sometimes use black and white headshots on their staff directory pages

Black and white headshot

If you're an entrepreneur, you could use a black and white photo on your about page to complement the story of how you founded your business. This will lend a nostalgic feeling to the content as potential customers read about your humble beginnings.

Black and white branding photos for a small business

Another great time to use black and white headshots is if it matches your company's branding. Sometimes black and white photography is the way to go if you have a very minimalistic style and a monochrome color scheme for your logo and other brand elements.

Professional headshot in black and white

When Not to Use a Black and White Headshot

A professional headshot is a chance for potential employers and industry connections to see you at your best. That's harder to do when your photo has been edited significantly.

Studio lighting for black and white headshots

For this reason, your primary photo on LinkedIn should be a full color headshot. If you include multiple photos on your profile, then it's okay to throw a couple of black and white shots in the mix, but make sure people can see the real you.

Black and white photo for LinkedIn

In some industries, such as acting or modeling, color headshots are expected or even required by agencies and hiring committees. Make sure to check any guidelines for headshots you're submitting to these types of jobs and follow them closely.

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