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What Time of Year Is Best for Senior Pictures? - Missouri Portrait Photographer

Knowing what time of year is best for senior pictures helps you plan out your shoot in advance so you can schedule your preferred date.

There are several different options for when to schedule your senior portrait session, and the best one will depend on a few factors. Here are the top choices and what to consider before booking.

Spring Senior Pictures

Taking senior pictures during the spring before your senior year is ideal if you want to get your session out of the way early.

Shooting spring senior pictures in St. Louis, Missouri

You'll likely have college applications and finals to wrap up, which might make spring a hectic time to fit in a photoshoot.

On the other hand, you're likely to have excellent weather for an outdoor session, and you'll be able to head into summer without having to worry about fitting in your senior pictures.

Summer Senior Pictures

Most families have more free time in the summer, which can make it much easier to plan time for having your senior pictures made.

Taking senior photos during the summer in Missouri

Summer usually provides good weather for photos as well, although it can get hot for outdoor sessions. If your family travels a lot during the summer, it might also be harder to schedule your shoot instead of easier.

Having your senior photos done before the school year starts means you'll definitely have your images ready well before any yearbook deadlines, saving you any stress about submitting them on time.

Fall Senior Pictures

Fall can be a beautiful time of year for senior photos. The gorgeous autumn colors provide wonderful backdrops for many different shooting locations.

Senior pictures in the fall in St. Charles, Missouri

In the fall, there's still enough light to capture nice photos, but the weather has also cooled off a bit so you don't have to worry about sweating off your makeup.

An important thing to keep in mind is your school's yearbook submission deadline. Many high schools let seniors submit their own pictures to include in the yearbook, and the cutoff date is often in the fall. Check with your school's yearbook advisor well in advance to be sure your photos will be ready in time.

Think you know what time of year is best for your senior pictures? Give us a call to get your session on the calendar today!


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