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Top 5 things to do as a family in St. Louis & St. Charles, Missouri

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Do you struggle with things to do with your family on weekends or days off? Take a look at our top 5 things to do in St. Louis & St. Charles, Missouri, even during COVID-19. If you have anything to add that we missed, put a comment below!

As a blended family of 5, my fiance Jason and I struggle at times to come up with fun family things we can do with our kids, so I sat down and did some research to see what we can do that will not be fun for just us, but to keep these kids entertained too!

1) Ride the Katy Trail - St. Charles, Missouri - One of our favorite family activities would have to be riding our bikes, our kids are ages 16, 14 and 11 and really enjoy going out for bike rides for fresh air as well as some good relaxation. The Katy Trail spans hundreds of miles throughout Missouri, but the trail down the riverfront in Downtown St. Charles is flat, easy and doesn't have a lot of incline which makes it good for the whole family!

2) St. Louis Zoo - This is one of our favorite places to visit and the best part is, it is FREE! What an incredible place to go, we enjoy our visits there so much and early in the morning the animals are very active which is always a good time. During Covid-19 you do have to wear a mask as well as make an appointment online which you can do here :) We do suggest making a donation to the zoo to keep it running, they depend heavily on donations to help feed the animals and maintenance of the zoo. Parking is $15 per car.

3) Castlewood State Park - If you are looking for beautiful views, hiking and lots of family fun you should look into Castlewood State Park for your family. This park is free and really worth the hike, especially during the fall months it will be a spectacular view! Fur babies are welcome here too, it is always nice to see all of the pups out and about during a hike. There are some Covid-19 restrictions, so make sure to check out the website for more information, restrooms are likely closed at this time.

4) Thierbach Orchards Strawberry Picking - Strawberry Fields are such an amazing family activity and oh so rewarding! Who doesn't love a sweet, ripe strawberry? I sure don't know anyone! The best strawberry picking time is Mid-May to early June, checkout their Facebook page to get more information regarding all of the seasons and all that you can pick at this farm including: Strawberries, Cherries, Blackberries, Gooseberries, Peaches, Apples and Blueberries! The kids have a blast not only picking the berries, but also meeting some of the donkeys and playing on the playground as well.

5) Eckert's Apple Picking - A great family activity in the early to late fall would be apple picking at Eckert's Farm, they are a much bigger scale farm and drive you all the way out to the apple fields to pick your fruit, they offer different apples at different times based on ripening, I check their Facebook page to keep up to date on when the best time to go is. They not only offer fruit picking, but also a store with fresh apple cider or custard which is always a kid favorite! Have fun, take pics and help support local farms so that we can keep them around forever.

Hopefully this helps you find some inspiration during your quest for family fun in Missouri! I will be posting a lot more tips and tricks for family fun and some economical friendly tips as well! If you sign up for our Newsletter, you will be able to see when we post new blogs, sign up HERE :)


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