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What to Wear for Professional Headshots-ST. CHARLES PHOTO STUDIO

One of the first things you'll need to decide after you book your professional headshots is what to wear. It's important to look your best and feel confident while also dressing appropriately.

Here are some professional headshot outfit ideas to help you find the perfect look for your shoot.

1. Business Casual Clothing

For most people, business casual style is the safest option for your headshots.

Slacks, collared shirts, blazers, blouses, and knee-length dresses and skirts can all work well to put forward a professional appearance in your headshots.

This shows potential employers on LinkedIn and other hiring platforms that you're capable of dressing smartly and fitting into a traditional office setting

professional woman wearing a blue blouse and navy jacket

There are a few exceptions to this rule. For example, if you're in a more creative field, you might be able to branch out a bit and wear something that showcases your personality a bit more.

Professional headshots of a woman holding a violin

If you're taking photos for your small business website, you could go more casual and wear a brand t-shirt or polo featuring your company's logo.

lifestyle portraits of a woman with gray hair sitting on a porch with a bicycle

2. Neutrals and Muted Colors

It's also usually best to stick to neutrals or muted colors like plum, maroon, navy, or emerald. Additionally, avoid busy patterns that might be distracting and stick to solid-colored pieces.

professional headshot of a man smiling wearing a blue blazer

Lighter colors don't always read as well in studio lighting, so darker tones will help you stand out in your final images.

That said, at Monochrome Photo Studios, we're also talented natural light photographers and offer a variety of backgrounds for your headshot session. If you prefer a crisp white button down for your photos, we'll make sure you look great!

lifestyle portraits of a woman wearing a tan jacket and dress

3. Simple Accessories

If you'd like to wear any jewelry or other accessories for your shoot, keep it minimal. Large, flashy pieces like pendant necklaces or long earrings can distract from your face.

professional headshot of a woman wearing a white blazer and blush blouse

Nails should be left natural or painted a neutral color that won't draw the eye too much. Likewise, go for a more natural look with any makeup you plan to wear, and keep your hairstyle simple and similar to what you would wear on a normal day. You want your headshots to look like your authentic self!

Ready to create the perfect professional headshots to spruce up your resume and LinkedIn profile? Get in touch to put your session on the calendar!


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