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Best Senior Picture Locations (St. Louis vs St. Charles Missouri)

Are you comparing St. Louis vs St. Charles, Missouri senior picture locations? Both cities have stunning places to shoot your senior portraits and commemorate your high school experience.

Here are some of our favorite places to take senior pictures in St. Louis and St. Charles.

St. Louis vs St. Charles For the Best Senior Picture Locations

No matter where you're located, there are many show-stopping settings for senior pictures in St. Louis and St. Charles.

Forest Park

Did you know that USA Today rated Forest Park the best city park in the entire U.S.? It's also one of the best senior portrait locations!

Forest Park offers a huge variety of backdrops for senior pictures. Even though it's in the city, there are plenty of beautiful spots for nature lovers to capture special moments.

Senior pictures taken in Forest Park, St. Louis

There are also some truly unique buildings in the park, like the Jewel Box greenhouse and the 1904 World's Fair Pavilion. These distinct features can add a St. Louis-specific touch to your senior pictures and give you photos that will wow friends and family.

Downtown St. Louis

Downtown St. Louis also has some one-of-a-kind spots for taking senior pictures to add some pizzazz to your album.

City Foundry senior portraits in St. Louis

There are lots of places we could mention here, like the City Foundry or the iconic Arch.

Downtown St. Louis senior picture locations — the Arch

But one of our favorite places we've taken senior photos is in front of the Downtown Branch of the St. Louis Library.

Downtown St. Louis senior picture locations — the St. Louis Library

The stunning architecture and colorful lighting behind this fountain provide a beautiful backdrop. Plus, a library makes a terrific senior picture location for celebrating all the knowledge you've gained over the past four years.

Main Street, St. Charles

St. Charles, Missouri, offers a different feel from St. Louis but still provides plenty of picture-perfect locations for senior portraits.

Historic Main Street is a quaint area with tons of personality. It's an awesome place to shoot senior pictures!

St. Charles senior picture locations

In addition to all the cute local businesses, there's access to the river walk and charming cobblestone streets to add small town flair to your photos.

City and State Parks

If none of these senior portrait locations appeal to you, don't worry this list is only a highlight of the best senior picture locations! The possibilities are endless with the many beautiful city and state parks in the St. Louis and St. Charles areas.

Ready to book your shoot? Give us a call to talk about your senior portrait location ideas and put your session on the calendar! 636-352-9683


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