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Missouri Bird Photography bird watching fun in St. Louis, MO

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

Fun activity during snowed in days in Missouri, take some pictures of colorful birds!

What do we do on snow days in St. Louis, MO? We bird watch and take photos! In the last couple of weeks we have had some amazing snow, what I love most is how much the birds stand out against the glorious snowfall backdrop. I have lived in Arizona for the better part of 20 years and haven't been around snow for sometime which makes this ultra fun for me!

Forgive me for not knowing the names of some of these beauties, they are absolutely stunning though. If you are ever looking for some peaceful time, just sit and wait. As graceful as ever they will land, if only for a few seconds and fly away. This is one of my favorites I saw when I was doing these photos.

I have always enjoyed doing photos of wildlife, in their natural habitat. Must be my background and going to the School of Environmental Studies when I was in High School. I have always loved animals and photography so they go hand in hand for me.

Missouri sure does have a lot of amazing wildlife! I see hawks, birds, deer and raccoons and it always fascinates me. Coming from a desert climate that has mostly scary predators it is such a big change for sure. If you ever want to go out and shoot some wildlife, let me know! We are always looking for new photography friends!

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