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Themed sessions are where it’s at! Jewel Box in St. Louis and Tower Grove Park - St. Louis, Missouri

Izabel has been a dancer for almost her entire life, she also sings and teaches dance as well. She is such a talented and admiring young woman that has amazing gifts to show off in her portraits. She is an actress, dancer and enjoys yoga as well so we wanted to embrace a lot of what makes her unique.

We started the session with a jazz outfit in the art garden over at the Jewel Box, what better place to showcase this amazing dancer’s spirit, than a gorgeous garden and flowers for days! We loved all of the poses that Izabel showed us at this session. We are all about theming your session and allowing your accomplishments to soar in your photos.

Some of our favorite images from this session were when Isabel put on her ballet slippers and showed us some of the positions, we included details to your portraits to enhance the overall experience. Moving to different parts of the park really changed up the variety of the session. Having a lot of different looks makes a huge difference in your portrait session.

We also hit up the tulip garden which Izabel looked so graceful, showcasing her talent as a seasoned dancer. Getting those poses to really show off her talents was important for her session.

We finished the session up at the spot over at Tower Grove Park to show off some of her yoga poses that she loves. We want to make sure we embrace all of who you are, it isn’t just about portraits of you but also what you have accomplished in your High School career also.

Do you have a sport or theme you would like to incorporate into your senior session? Call us today for more information regarding your themed session! We cannot wait to hear what you have in mind.


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