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Unique Senior Pictures St. Louis, Missouri - Urban Senior Portraits

Choosing a location for your guy senior can be one of those defining moments to really show off what he wants to express through his senior photos. Guys are not always excited to get their photos taken, sometimes it can even be trying to get them to the shoot.

Caleb was not so sure about getting his senior portraits done, he only brought one outfit and when I spoke with his mom, she was basically telling me it was going to be tough. I take that as a challenge and wanted to make sure that Jason and I made him laugh, genuinely! We got him to open up and give us some great smiles, through it all he had a great time and he really loved his images! I love to talk, so one of the great things when you shoot with me is that I will keep the conversation going the whole time, ha! Caleb's mom stayed at the car to make sure that he was more natural in his session.

I love the location that Caleb did for this session, he liked the idea of having a more rugged appeal to the photos. Especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic and a lot of kids for class of 2021 aren't able to have the Grad parties they want, it is so important to give them the spotlight even for a short time to be able to showcase them and their accomplishments.

Are you looking for senior portrait photographers who specialize in making your teen stand out with amazing personality, you've found the right place! Email us at for more info!


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