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Lifestyle Portraits St. Louis Indoor Photo Studio

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Amp up your brand with new lifestyle portraits for your Website, LinkedIn or Facebook profile to give you a edge up on your competition.

Professional woman with long wavy blonde hair, writing in a journal

Are you a busy professional, maybe an entrepreneur or maybe you have a life coach business? If so, what would be better than new professional lifestyle headshots to really show off yourself and your brand. We offer unique, gorgeous sets to really give that warm, yet professional look you are going for.

Professional woman wearing a blue blouse, long wavy blonde hair smiling sitting in a chair

Your brand represents you. It is so important to show off your personality and who you are so that people want to work with you. I have shot with Professional hair and makeup artists, Life coaches, band professors, bloggers you name it! All of them had the same things in common, they needed amazing, professional photos to really stand out on their site to bring in more clientele.

Professional woman with long blonde hair, wearing a red dress, smiling

With this day and age of social media, you have to be present and vulnerable. Being genuine and honest, putting yourself out there for people to know who they are working with. We offer professional hair and makeup as an add-on for your session to make sure you do not have to worry about anything for your branding session. These sessions are not only for women, lifestyle portraits for men is also an upcoming market as well.

Professional woman sitting in a chair wearing a red dress drinking coffee

In our new studio, we have a few different looks including our fun bohemian egg chair for something a little different but give that fun, dynamic feel. We also have a shiplap white wall and a bedroom set for a lifestyle look as well.

Professional woman with long blonde hair, sitting down working at her laptop

Call us today for more information regarding your upcoming head shot portrait needs. We would love to chat with you and find out what you would like to incorporate into a session. Our convenient studio is located in historic downtown St. Charles, MO.


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