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Guy Senior Portraits - Urban High School Senior - St. Charles, MO Photographer

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

Monochrome Photo Studios is going grunge for this seniors session, what is your favorite type of location?

When we think about their High School Senior, one of the most important elements is doing their portraits, why? Because these #portraits showcase your seniors individuality and personality. One of my favorite types of #seniorpictures to take are of guy seniors, because we put so much emphasis on girls that now it is time to focus on guys, I mean they should be able to have just as much fun, right?

TJ chose a urban location, we absolutely loved to give that grungy, street look to give his session a unique and diverse feel that he was wanting. Most senior guys have an idea in their head about what they want the #seniorpics to look like. We suggest that you have your child bring several different outfits/jackets/hats alongside any sports or hobby items to incorporate into the session.

So what do guys want to portray in their photos? What else but to look cool, portray them in a masculine and tough way. During TJ's session, he was shy, but we got him out of his shell really quick. He brought his car with him that he was so proud of, he worked really hard to get it so he wanted to show it off! I love to hear about kids having good work ethics at a young age and working so hard for something, they will appreciate it so much more.

Our senior portrait sessions start at $250, because we understand how difficult it can be to pay for everything involved with High School Seniors. So many expenses are involved, let us help you in some way along the journey. Contact us today at 636.577.8583 to get scheduled for your child's portraits, or contact us here. You won't be disappointed!


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