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Historic Downtown, St. Charles, MO- Shooting downtown St. Charles, MO allows a fun, urban feel with a mix of hardscape and beautiful landscape options. There are so many pockets of fun areas to explore. If you are looking to have a good mix of both urban and greenery, St. Charles downtown is the place to be.

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Indian Camp Creek, Wentzville, MO - We love this location, it has so many different looks and varieties to shoot from water, tall grass all the way to rock walls and green trees and shrubs all over the place (seasonal).

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Busch Wildlife, St. Charles County - This location screams wilderness and wildlife! If you love lakes, trees, bushes and wildlife, this is your jam.

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The Foundry, St. Charles, MO - This urban area is filled with old brick, windows and streets to allow for an amazing Urban photo session. This location is perfect for seniors wanting to showoff some of their individuality.

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Jewelbox, St. Louis, MO - The Jewelbox in located in Forest Park is a one of a kind location. During the spring, the tulips are fantastic and make for an amazing background for any session. When choosing your location, keep in mind the seasons and also busy times. We like to do morning sessions at the Jewelbox for less crowds.

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Tower Grove Park, St. Louis, MO - This mix of hardscape and greenery is one of our favorite locations. Lots of unique areas to use as backdrops for various types of sessions.

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Lafayette Park, St. Louis, MO - Springtime and fall are my favorite times to shoot here, with flowers blooming and all of the greenery it is fabulous. Beautiful bridges and small lakes. Very good for mid-day sessions, morning or evening. Very versatile location!

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Union Station, Downtown STL, MO - If architecture is your favorite look, Union Station is your place. There are so many beautiful artistic looks inside and outside of US. We love shooting here, fee for parking does apply to this location.

Towne Park, Wentzeville, MO - What a gorgeous place to really give you the "at home" feeling. Surrounding the main house is a lot of greenery, tall grass and paved roads for some unique looks outside of this historic house in Wentzeville.

Shooting Locations

St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

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