Thierbach Farms - Marthasville, Missouri - Apple Picking family fun!

The past weekend after a wedding on Saturday, we decided to go apple picking with Cammi on Sunday. We have to be creative during the time of Covid-19 (See my blog about 5 fun things to do in St. Louis during Covid-19 here). So, we decided what better way to have family fun, donuts and delicious apples to boot? #maskup

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We chose to go to Thierbach Farms Orchard Market in Marthasville, Missouri, this farm is located in rural Missouri, about a 45 minute drive from O'Fallon, MO, but it was worth the drive, it gave us that home-good feeling! When we arrived, the parking lot was full of cars, tons of families with small children and freshly baked donuts.....yumm! I found out the picking times/dates on their Facebook page, they will also let you know the type of apples that are ripe for the picking right now.

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Thierbach offers a wagon ride out to the apple trees, which was some country fun. My daughter is not use to Missouri, she has lived in Arizona her entire life and just recently moved to Missouri with me back in June but she really enjoyed getting out in the open sun and picking some of her favorite apples.

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Having photographers as parents cannot be easy for my tween, she is not a fan of having me always wanting to take her picture, but isn't that the point of being a mom.....annoying your kids? Haha. All jokes aside, yesterday was about family time and not a photo session, thankfully for her :)

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We luckily had enough social distancing when we arrived at the orchard itself that we had a chance to take off our masks and take some pics with our phones. We are strong encouragers of masking up though to make sure we all stay safe! #maskup

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