Family session at the Farm - Photography Session St. Louis, Missouri

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I don't think that I could have had any more fun than I did when I shot with these adorable girls! So much energy and so much fun would be the way I explain them. I have been shooting professionally for over 10 years now and I am blessed with the best clients. Being a mom with a son who has special needs, I think it gives me a upper hand on working with kids. I absolutely love their smiles and personalities each time I see them.

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The light was perfect this Saturday morning, I love to catch the light off of their hair to really get a great effect, I have to work quick with little ones so that they keep their attention. This can be challenging at times but we move around a lot to make sure they don't get too bored. What is your biggest challenge as a mom during your family portrait sessions? I know as a mom of 3 I struggle the most with my kids not giving natural smiles. I really try to make it fun for them and also to show them photos as we go so they can see how they look smiling.

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Variety, variety, variety.....I cannot express how important variety is to sessions. I get different backgrounds, shoot different groups, angles you name it. I like to make sure you love all of your images, not just one. Getting natural expressions and capturing those fun silly moments is something I really enjoy. This family was the perfect mix of fun, happy and full of life!

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When thinking about a location for your next family photography session, I always take into account my kids and how they react to certain environments. For some children being around animals may make them too distracted, but for older ones it may be a positive mood enhancer. We have a few locations up on our local photography locations here, we are open to more than what is on the list as well.

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If you are still thinking about doing fall mini sessions for 2020, contact me today for some of our special pricing and limited sessions.